Saturday, 9 March 2013

Our Humble Abord

This year (or even next), we have started 2 very big life changing projects. And to realize this project, we had to give up travelling at least for this year. It is hard, it is now only March and I am itching to just pack up and go! So much to explore out there! Argh!

Anyways, one of our projects is to sell our small but very cosy house. I had no idea on how or what but so far we managed. First we tried to sell it ourselves by advertising it on the web but we did not get a lot of response. After many daily calls that we got from house agents, we finally gave in and engaged an agent. We interviewed at least 5. Most of them were pretty intimidating, all offered almost the same fees, skills and advertising method. But it was the feminist in me that came through, so we signed on the only female agent that came by. Infact, she even came by the house, knocking on our door to ask if we needed an agent at that time. We turned her away but she was persistent and I was impressed. So far, Charlotte, has brought along quite a number of potential buyers every week. It is still on the market but we are keeping our fingers crossed it will not take a year before we can sell off the house. 

Friday, 1 March 2013

Hello Again!

Warm wintery greetings again readers! My sincere apologies for closing up shop for awhile. Poor health, hectic work, school and daily life schedules took a toll on me and I could not manage the blog anymore. I hope you all have had a good time ringing in the New Year and better late than never – so here’s wishing you all the best for 2013! Good health, great wealth, peace and love!

Monday, 5 November 2012

Autumn Getaway!

This year we headed east of the country (with the car) and invaded Luxembourg. It is relatively much smaller than Belgium. The guide book (from Rough Guides) only mentioned 4 highlights for the country. But what with our busy schedules (like every year end) we did not read up much about this beautiful country. So although we had a good week exploring many romantic and colourful sights – we did miss a few good ones too. But we will return. And there was another valid reason that we couldn’t do too much either – we invited B’s parents along. And with old folks, as they tire easily, walking everyday is out of the question.

Most tourist spots (Museums, castles and ruins) in Luxembourg are only open from April to October. They have pretty harsh autumn and winter seasons. With heavy snowfall, most small and beautiful villages are very tricky to get to. I’ll let the picture do the rest of the talking = )

Chateau Beaufort

View from the Chateau Beaufort

Cathedral in Echternacht

Gem of a find thanks to an old guide book dated 1903!

Luxembourg City


One of the many enchanting sights along our walk in Beaufort.

We were in awe to be able to walk amidst such a beautiful & breath-taking trail in Berfdorf.

Also in Berdorf

Monday, 8 October 2012

The Absentee ; )

I have been horribly absent here – the poor blog! Left all dusty and lonely! My apologies, if anyone is still here, coming around constantly to check on updates. I must admit that I have just been too lazy, too busy and too overwhelmed since N started school and things at work have become somewhat challenging (in a very good way).

Our summer was spent away in Istanbul. Such a beautiful city by the sea! Crowded, colourful and oh so charming! Very touristy though, you can’t go anywhere without someone trying to sell you something or coax you to eat at their restaurant. But we love the hotel we stayed in, excellent customer service, great food and comfortable rooms! We were offered many goodies too, like free lunch buffet everyday and complimentary drinks at their rooftop terrace to watch the sunset. One of my favourite moments has to be the rooftop experience, watching the sun setting against a magnificent backdrop of minarets! Truly such a refreshing sight. We bought a lot of beautiful marble & ceramics souveniors too – it was risky but it all arrived home in one piece! = )

Such colourful delights can be found at almost every Bazaar.

Sunsetting on Istanbul
And of course, it is always good to see family and friends again. Our Eid was well spent back home! All that delicious food, familiar sounds, smells, loving and friendly company of our loved ones. Nothing beats all of that. The country itself has changed even more in the last year. It is getting way too crowded, too expensive and too foreign for me personally. I am now officially a tourist in my own home country. I hope the government cherish and preserves the old and familiar sights.

Add caption
The concrete jungle where I come from
N started primary One! Scary time especially for her parents! So much changes and challenges! More subjects, homework almost every day and to top that, it is all of course in Flemish. So, I am managing ok but I can’t imagine as she goes further having to deal with maths, science, history, geography and whatever else in Flemish – argh! But I am so lucky to have B by my side. And when she has school only in the morning (every Wednesday), we send her to art class at the local Musuem. So far she has been very enthusiastic about her classes and her art work. We are impressed. She had an introduction to drama class recently but we have yet to sign her up for that. She’s in 2 minds about it.

And of course, every year in September, I get a  year older but sometimes none the wiser! This year is a whole big number! Bowling with the extended family and throwing ourselves a small party for 3 aside – I did a lot of reflecting and I went through a lot of melancholic moments this whole month! Being thankful for my life now and how I wouldn’t change anything in my past!

Work’s getting more interesting too – if everything falls into place – I should be able to start on a course soon. And this helps to “bump” me up at work or if I ever get retrench, having such a diploma is helpful too. As if that wasn’t enough, I bravely agreed to take up a Dutch language course again – once a week but top that with household duties and running around for N. I hope with all my heart God helps me to keep it all together.

But knowing women like J and F, helps me to take on my challenges head on! So wish me luck my loveliest of readers, it is going to be such a super busy end of the year period for the whole household!

Friday, 21 September 2012